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August, 2010


The word “spiritual” contains the roots “spirit” (from the Latin spiritus or “soul”) and also “ritual” (from the Latin rītus or “rite”).  In essence, to lead a “spiritual life” suggests a sacredness, a special reverence and a continuous mindful connection between the highest ideals and the actions of daily life.

Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani illustrates the relevance of some of the symbolic behaviour in the rituals of daily Indian life ….

Shavasana – No time for sleeping

Shavasana is a much anticipated, much appreciated end to a yoga routine. Commonly promoted as a time to unwind, relax, and even enjoy after your strenuous yoga workout, the importance of the final relaxation in yoga is often understated.

In her brief but charming musing, yoga teacher Sonia Allen Wall points out just how difficult it is to truly master the corpse pose …

India Customs: rooted in ancient wisdom

India customs and the habitual cycles of life in India, to a large extent, still reflect a heritage that is based upon a profound connection between man and nature.

A modern scientific perspective coupled with true understanding of the Indian traditions reveals the beautiful relevance of these ancient habits in our modern age, as illustrated by Dr KK Aggarwal in his article ….

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Krishna Janmashtami

An iconic figure in yoga, Krishna is considered the ultimate personification of love, friendship, trustworthiness and selfless service.

Krishna Janmashtami signifies not simply a celebration of the birth of a great teacher of mankind, but the recognition of that inherent Divine Power within all of us, that which enables us to proceed in all of our worldly activities with a sense of higher purpose. …

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